Why Arbitrum?

The Layer2DAO token ($L2DAO) will initially make is home on the Arbitrum network, with plans to expand to other L2s. This will be necessary in order to offer token incentives for projects on other L2s.
We chose Arbitrum as the initial home for $L2DAO for the following reasons:
  • It has the highest number of wallets, therefore allowing the most users to claim their airdrop with the lowest effort.
  • It does not have its own token, therefore immediately opening opportunities to use $L2DAO as an incentive token for projects on Arbitrum.
  • It does not maintain a whitelist for projects to launch on its network.
  • Gnosis Safe supports Arbitrum, which is needed for the DAO treasury.
We look forward to quickly expanding to other L2s. The order in which we expand will be based on the DAO community votes.
Arbitrum recently integrated with OpenSea, the world's largest NFT marketplace, and the Layer2DAO was able to participate in launch day successfully.