Liquidity Incentives

Layer2DAO has committed 100,000,000 $L2DAO tokens towards liquidity incentives. These tokens are 10% of total $L2DAO minted.


Beginning at Ethereum block 14187900 liquidity mining incentives began and they will continue until the full 100M are used to incentivize liquidity.

L2DAO/USDs (Arbitrum)

This new Demeter farm pays both L2DAO and SPA rewards. Stake now to ensure you receive max rewards once the rewards launch. https://demeter.sperax.io/farm/42161/0xdD1FCBC6aC81f6e467287DE717709db074feE7bE?source=FarmExplore

L2DAO/WETH (Arbitrum)


As a recipient of Optimism Governance funds, we are allocating a portion of our OP tokens as well as additional L2DAO tokens towards building liquidity on Optimism. We launched this liquidity program on July 20, 2022.

L2DAO/OP (Optimism)

This is our new L2DAO liquidity home on Optimism. This farm has a 7 day vesting period. GYSR is a very powerful protocol, and with that the options are a little more complex. We will be providing more detailed instructions on how to provide LP on GYSR shortly. The farm pays rewards in OP tokens (3,000 per week). https://app.gysr.io/pool/0x2eee219c9b43564cb9ee21614771382efc529a30?network=optimism
*We reserve the right to adjust this schedule without notice according to market conditions and exchange rates.

Inactive Farms

Sushi LP Farm (Arbitrum)

You can access the inactive Sushi LP farm here: https://farm.layer2dao.org/#/farms