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L2 Early Adopter NFT

Quix is shutting down their protocol, and with that the launchpad for the L2 Early Adopter NFT is unfortunately being retired. You can still trade the NFTs on other marketplaces. You can currently view them on OpenSea:​
We're excited to be the launch partner for the new Quixotic NFT Launchpad. Quixotic is an NFT marketplace on both Optimism and Arbitrum, leading the charge to build a thriving NFT ecosystem on layer 2. We couldn't be more excited to partner with them!
There are 9 different NFT levels, each corresponding with the number of L2 networks that early adopters have bridged assets into. The higher the level, the rarer the NFT. There are only 5 level 9 NFTs available to claim.
We calculated the levels using the top ten Layer 2 projects by TVL, as ranked by on January 15, 2022:
Our plan is to continue building utility for the NFT with other L2 projects, so hold on to yours tightly. It pays to be an early adopter!