.L2 Domain Names

.L2 Domain Names

.L2 domain minting is now live! Mint your custom domain name at Punk Domains.Much of the Ethereum community agrees that layer 2 projects are key to the future of the Ethereum ecosystem. But, like so many others, we feel frustrated by the slow adoption of these projects. Layer2DAO aims to support builders of the Ethereum layer 2 ecosystem by helping expand the Ethereum L2 ecosystem and investing in L2 ecosystem projects.Many of you might be familiar with Ethereum Name Service (ENS), which wallet owners commonly use to register .ETH domain names. These domain names are stored on-chain as NFTs that can be used in place of the usual hexadecimal wallet address. While this has become very popular amongst the Ethereum crowd, it has also come with big gas bills on mainnet. We are overdue for an L2 solution.

Introducing Punk Domains

When we first came across Punk Domains here at Layer2DAO, we immediately knew we needed to partner with them. Punk Domains not only offers an L2 alternative to ENS, it also vastly expands the concept of on-chain domain names. While ENS does offer “importing” of regular web1 domain names on-chain, the concept is limited to web1 Top Level Domains (TLDs), such as .org and .de. Punk Domains allows setting up web3 native TLDs that live on L2 chains, such as Arbitrum, Optimism, and Gnosis Chain, but can be used across the entire web3 ecosystem, much like .ETH domains.While Punk Domains is still relatively new and doesn’t have the wide adoption that ENS has, their team is actively working with wallet providers and DeFi dapps to integrate Punk Domains into their applications.

Our Partnership

Layer2DAO is the owner of the .L2 top level domain (TLD), allowing us to sell domain domain names with these domain extensions in perpetuity! This will create an ongoing revenue stream for the DAO. We will share revenues with Punk Domains for a limited time as part of our partnership. We’re going to begin with sales of .L2 domains and add .LAYER2 domain sales in the near future.Unlike with ENS, all .L2 domain registrations are final and permanent. If you register BANANAS.L2 (why would you not?), you will not need to renew the registration and fear losing the domain name down the road. Once you’ve minted a domain name, it is yours until you sell it.

The .L2 Domain Sale on Optimism

You can see all existing .L2 domain names on Quixotic.The price to mint a permanent .L2 domain is 0.025 ETH. All revenue from domain sales will go to the Layer2DAO treasury for re-investment into L2 ecosystem projects.To learn more about Punk Domains, check out their docs.