2024 Roadmap

  • Grow non-native treasury assets to 500 ETH or $1,000,000 USD
  • Build 30 new investment and marketing partnerships
  • Expand to Polygon zkEVM
  • Evaluate any other promising L2s to expand to as launch plans are announced for 2024
  • Start and facilitate an L2 council, consisting of representatives from the leading L2 networks and/or projects
  • Transition growth council to governing council
  • Find permanent solution to avoid token bridge limitations
  • Finish expansion to Base
  • Expand to Stacks blockchain
  • Grow L2DAO stakers by 1000
  • Enhance community education opportunities (Twitter, Discord etc.)

2023 Roadmap

  • Build 30 new investment and marketing partnerships
  • Expand to zkSync Era
  • Evaluate any other promising L2s to expand to as launch plans are announced for 2023
  • DAO decentralization
    • Incorporate DAO in the Republic of the Marshall Islands
    • Develop and approve governance framework
    • Build out growth council to 7 members
    • Build out core team to 5 members
    • Extend main multisig signers to extend beyond founding team
  • Build out governance model for Arbitrum delegate participation

2022 Roadmap

  • Launch Sushi LP liquidity incentive campaign
  • Complete L2DAO airdrop claims by February 28, 2022; unclaimed tokens get returned to treasury
  • Further build L2DAO DEX liquidity on Arbitrum
  • Launch joint NFT project (L2 Early Adopter NFTs) for L2DAO airdrop recipients with Quixotic on Optimism
  • Increase visibility of the project by participating in public events (such as Twitter Spaces)
  • Launch .L2 domain offering with Punk Domains
  • Partner with projects to create utility for L2 Early Adopter NFTs
  • Engage in co-marketing opportunities with partner projects
  • Start building the DAO investment portfolio of partner projects, yield generating assets, and stablecoins using modern portfolio theory
  • Grow our Discord community server to become a leading hub for the L2 community and discussions
  • Create $L2DAO token utility on other L2s than Arbitrum and enable bridging via Multichain
  • Launch incentivized $L2DAO yield farm through Sperax's Demeter Protocol on Arbitrum
  • Formalize revenue generation sources for the DAO's sustainability.
  • Build significant POL via $L2DAO/$ETH pair on UniswapV3
  • Launch $xL2DAO staking to incentive, align and reward long-term stakers of $L2DAO.
  • (ongoing) Build network of partner projects that can benefit from promotion, liquidity, funding, and operational support
  • (ongoing) Make strategic investments in partner projects when applicable
  • Initiate DAO governance once critical mass of token holders and Discord members has been reached
Through strategic incubation and acceleration, we aim to participate in several projects per year and route a token allocation from these projects directly back into the DAO. On top of receiving token supply, the treasury will also be portfolio managed through various DeFi strategies to optimize returns and further diversify.
We believe that there are a growing number of users that are seeking the best products, yields and user experiences that belong to a ‘multi-protocol’ ecosystem. The Layer2DAO is a rare multi-protocol ecosystem initially focused on projects on the following Layer 2 networks initially:
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism
  • zkSync
  • Metis Andromeda
  • ImmutableX
  • Loopring
  • StarkNet
  • Boba Network
  • ZkSwap V2
  • DeversiFi
We look forward to including additional projects and help the Ethereum L2 ecosystem grow.