Layer2DAO is controlled by the locked version of the protocol's native L2DAO token, xL2DAO. xL2DAO gives DAO and community members the ability to govern and guide the DAO in shaping the Ethereum Layer2 ecosystem. The token is intended to pave the way for proactive participation in a decentralized voting platform for resource allocation, ensuring fair distribution of project funding and rewards. Essential members, such as marketers and influencers, will be selected and rewarded for their contributions to building awareness and fostering a robust community around a wide range of launched projects.
Community governance is paramount to the success of a DAO. However, our objective is to devise strategies that circumvent the bottlenecks of micro-decisions caused by the DAO governance process. This pertains particularly to investment decisions that are susceptible to being preempted if they are subjected to public voting. Consequently, our approach includes the election of trusted DAO members to various committees by token holders, who are then endowed with a mandate and funding approval.
Layer2DAO maintains a verified Snapshot Space for conducting DAO governance votes.
Access the Layer2DAO's Space here: Layer2DAO Snapshot Space​