Our Strategy

With a continuously growing DAO Treasury and a future stream of income sources, Layer2DAO will partner with promising or established projects that intend to support the Ethereum Layer2 ecosystem to create synergies. Layer2DAO benefits from the success of partner projects and the L2 ecosystem as a whole. Success of Layer2DAO partners will increase the contributions to, and value of, the Layer2DAO treasury, allowing more resources to be deployed. This is the flywheel for growth.
Layer2DAO Strategy

Layer2DAO Goals

  • Become the largest DAO to invest in promising L2 ecosystem projects
  • Increase awareness of, promote, and drive TVL to L2 ecosystem projects
  • Partner with existing projects through grants, token swaps and other methods
  • Attract builders and align incentives
  • Boost partners to become category leaders via promotion, liquidity, funding, and operational support
  • Focus on fast execution of ideas; encourage experimentation with interim solutions based on policy, trust, and risk management mechanics; iterate towards the long-term solution involving governance and treasury management technologies
  • Find ways for L2DAO value to be correlated to the whole L2 ecosystem; treat proposals as synergistic, but also a negotiation of economic terms
  • Find ways to avoid micro-decisions from being bottle-necked by the DAO governance process by limiting governance to mandates and funding approvals